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Applications of Conditions

These terms/conditions apply regardless of whether a contract is established verbally in person, in via telephone conversation or in writing. The hirer at all times the representative of all passengers on the vehicle. If in the case where the hirer is a company, group, or partnership, a responsible person, such as a tour guide, groups lead member, teacher or event organiser must be named. Whether or not they actually travel with the party, the hirer is responsible for the acts and decisions of all passengers on board, as well as any additional costs spent in the completion of the contract. Only the hirer’s instructions will be accepted by the company. We shall only follow directions from the responsible person if the hirer has given us written permission to do so prior to the hire.

If the hirer will not be travelling with the group, a responsible person mat ust be appointed and the firm must be informed of the responsible person prior to the hire.


Quotations are based on the shortest route and information provided by the client.
Unless the hirer specifically states or requires a certain route, it must be clearly mentioned in advance on the confirmation,
otherwise the route will be chosen at the company’s discretion, taking into account factors such as type of vehicle, weather, and live traffic.
Only if conditions and vehicle size allow, will the specified route be followed on instruction.
All quotations are conditional subject to availability at the time of quotation.
Quotations are valid for 1 month from the date of quotation received with subject to availability.

All quotes supplied include only the driver and vehicle hired. All other cost are the responsibility of the hirer or the lead passenger appointed by the hirer.
extra ad hoc costs such as tolls, parking unless pre agreed will not be the company’s responsibility

Use of vehicles
  • Unless the company has agreed in advance, the hirer will not have use of the vehicle between the pickup and drop off of the journey.
  • If the use of the vehicle is required between drop off and pick up, it must be requested when booking and be confirmed before the booking takes place.
  • Extra charges are applicable for driver and vehicle services to be used in this respect
Time Variation charges

The company reserves the right to apply additional charges, for additional mileage or time other than that agreed.

Driving hours regulations are strict planning is used to ensure the driver can provide the service booked whilst meeting their legal driving hours requirements set by the authorities. Drivers can not be requested to extend your journey without contacting the company as this may not be possible at times and also there may be extra charges for diversions.

The company will not be held liable for any losses incurred by passengers who do not follow the hirer’s guidelines and company policies.

The driver may modify the route under certain requirements such as size of vehicle or current traffic conditions on the day which both parties may not be aware of.

Any variation from the hirer with the booked times must be notified 5 days before the booking date and is subject to acceptance/confirmation that the modification is possible.

Drivers Hours

The law regulates the hours of operation for the driver, and the hirer accepts the responsibility of ensuring the hire keeps to the hours and times agreed by the company and current legislation and that altering timings is not always possible.
Neither the hirer nor any passenger shall delay or otherwise interrupt the journey in such a way that the driver is at risk of breaching regulation relating to the driver’s hours and duty time. If any breach is likely to occur the hirer will be responsible for any additional cost incurred unless it is outside the control of the hirer.
Any additional cost will be as in condition 4. The company also reserves the right to curtail or alter any hire, which does not comply with the relevant regulations.

Additional Charges

The company reserves the right to charge the customer for any additional cost and expenses reasonably incurred by the company in order to perform or to continue to perform the contract. (Parking, road tolls, overnight accommodation, etc.

Airport collections

If a passenger does not arrive within 1 hour of the aircraft landing: The passenger will be called on their mobile if supplied. We shall wait for the passenger to contact the driver on the day and this number will be provided at the time of the booking.
We the company will also check via the authorities at the port and We will check with the airline. We will advise the client and ask for further information.
If following the above procedures the passenger/s does not make themselves known to the driver the driver shall be entitled to assume that the passenger did not arrive or has made alternative arrangements. The driver after informing the company will leave under no obligation to the hirer.
All airport parking charges are in addition to the journey charge. Customers will be required to pay the parking on the vehicle leaving the car park unless already paid parking charges at the time of booking.
Where a coach is being used, the company will advise the hirer of the parking arrangements, as these vary between airports and in some cases, the driver may not be allowed to leave the vehicle.

Booking / cancellation rates

If the hirer wishes to cancel any booking a seven day written notice must be given to avoid any cancellation charges. Within the 7 days prior to the booking date if a cancellation is made a 10% cancellation will be charged to the hirer.

25% non-refundable deposit to be paid upon booking
Balance to be paid in full 2 days in advance of hire date for hire to commence.
Cancellation charges applied on top of the non-refundable deposit at 10% of final booking price

All these Terms & Conditions are applicable for our website https://slsminibushire.co.uk/

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